These treats should only be used when training your puppy around strangers to keep them novel and exciting. I am going to send you some training exercises you can use to help make your walks or outings a bit more peaceful. Once your dog is looking at his (former) trigger and then looking expectantly up at you for a treat, you can begin to put this skill on cue. Be a distraction yourself by offering to throw a ball or other toy for your puppy to fetch. Because of pup's age I suggest hiring a professional trainer who specializes in behavior issue and works with a team of trainers. We want your dog to predict that other dogs near him means that YUMMY FOOD will appear! We want your dog to predict that other dogs near him means that YUMMY FOOD will appear! Once pup can handle that, have the person practice rewarding pup for obedience, like sitting. I suggest hiring a professional trainer to help you with this. It’s important to nip this problem in the bud before it escalates. Involve Other People in the Dog’s Life Have the friends knock on the door or slowly approach you and your dog. I have a female german shepherd she's 5 years old and I have never had problems with this before. They are really good for her. I'm a little worried by your question. My dad friends come over and all she does is bark at them amd it scares me that she will grow up to be mean towards people and I dont know what else to do. Hello! My dog 15 weeks. If your dog is afraid, you don’t want to make things worse. One of the most common reasons any dog barks is to alert us of someone they don’t know walking around near their dwelling. Carry pup's kibble and treats with you when you go places also, have strangers offer pup a treat when they pet or give them a command, to make sure new people are associated with good things and not just overwhelming. My German Shepherd Is Becoming Aggressive (Step-by-Step Solutions). They may just be barking at a normal level for the Malinois breed. we just moved from a house to a apartment she spent her whole life in that house and the apartment adjustment has been hard for her it's been almost a year now and one thing is not getting better. Buddy, my 55 lb German Shepherd ran to the door like he usually does, barking his head off and driving me crazy. As you are reframing your dog’s opinion of seeing other leashed dogs, be careful where you take your dog, and be protective of what he is exposed to. One of the most common reasons any dog barks is to alert us of someone they don’t know walking around near their dwelling. Pup really needs to be around a bunch of people and have positive interactions with them. Learn how to use your voice to train your GSD. Remember to go slowly. Rather, try to teach your dog when it is appropriate to bark, and reward him for being quiet. If your method of getting your German Shepherd to stop barking at you is to give it things that it wants such as a toy, a walk or attention then it could be that it has learned that barking at you will get it those things. Being well-trained is about more than knowing how to sit when a person holds a treat in front of their face. When pup is brave enough to come over, have the friends then practice rewarding pup each time they gently touch pup, one hand touching and the other feeding a treat, then the touching stops when the treat is eaten until the next treat. Are your neighbors complaining, your nerves wrecked, or people scared? People's body language and scents can effect how a dog views them. Using painful anti-bark collars and muzzles should be a last resort. I remember when my dog was 7 months old, he gave me quite a headache by barking at every dog that he met outside the house. Step 1. Give the “quiet” command and wait for a longer time before rewarding your GSD with treats and praise. Also, try the Distraction Method: I try to make him sit and look at me but he just goes haywire and I don’t know what to do. She barks . Take a look and give it a try. You should never hit your german shepherd, reward bad behavior, … If you have any advice please anything will help, Hello Rebecca, She starts growling at first and then barks. It sounds like pup needs more socialization at this age. These behaviors do take time, I am talking months, to correct. we usually isolate her in another room when someone is coming then let her out after they are inside and seated. Secure your German Shepherd to a leash in the yard or by the front door. Caitlin Crittenden. If she makes the choice on her own and receives a reward for doing so, that should help her be braver in the future around that type of thing again. Check out the videos linked below for some example of structure, calming exercises, confidence boosting exercises, associating people with good things, and creating calm environments. Sometimes having low thyroid levels contributes to unwanted canine behavior. Drop him off at lots of different dog-trustworthy friends' homes, one person at a time for a few hours each time, that way you don't have to go inside and interact and can still social distance but pup can get the social exposure he needs in fun ways. Knowing your german shepherd and what triggers barking and aggression in them can be a great way to stop it from happening in the future. Tips to Stop Dog Barking Many of the behaviors dog owners consider to be undesired are actually completely natural for dogs. It is well described here: Something needs to change. As the new dog comes into view, drop a lot of enticing meat treats just in front of your dog’s nose. Dogs naturally bark when they are excited or scared, so it is not a behavior that you should try to repress entirely. Your dog will still remain watchful and aware of dangers, even if you discourage excessive barking. He never barks when he hears a strange noise...he just wants to play with everybody all the time and cuddle up with people. Best of luck training, Thresholds: Try to know ahead of time when a guest may be coming over. 4. If you have the same problem with your German Shepherd, then you need these easy solutions to help you feel confident controlling your dog’s behavior. These posts will help you make the most of bringing up your German Shepherd puppy the right way. My dog would bark for a long period of time without stopping. It helps to see your dog’s behavior for what it most likely is: fear vs. disobedience. Leash him up before the doorbell rings and keep him close as you greet your guests. We have only had her a month and a half and she doesn’t have many issues other than barking horrendously when people she doesn’t know enter the house! It sounds like her issue could be a combination of a lack of socialization around lots of people while young and maybe genetics. She has a nervous temperament so it’s mostly worry I think cause she wags her tail when she does it but it makes me quite anxious as it’s hard to get her to stop. I have a ten month old German shepherd x collie, I am finding it difficult walking him at the moment he is wary of strangers and will bark at them. Practice this with various friends until pup doesn't bark when a person approaches. Many a good dog is ruined because their owners do not take good care of their pet. Have someone else feed the dog a few times a week, and encourage other people to engage her in playtime. Agility video 1: Heel Video: Gradually extend the waiting period to five seconds, then 10 seconds, then 20 seconds and then 30 seconds and longer. Have regular get-to-togethers with your grandmother. The first thing to do is employ a number of deterrence measures. He needs to know polite behavior, and polite behavior only, is how he gets what he wants. The earlier aggression is addressed the easier it will be and the better the potential outcome. As well, teach Molly the Quiet command, which can be used both in the house and outside. i would love to get her to stop barking when someone new arrives. If you don't have confidence the dog will know and take advantage. Put the treat right up to their nose and let them smell it. They emit a heavy scent, and this helps get your dog’s attention. Hello Jason, There are almost two sides to her though; one for inside the home or on the property and the other for being out on walks. It will also reduce the chances of him causing harm to someone else. When she see a stranger in the street or even our neighbours outside, she starts barking at them. Love the picture! Then, call him away from the door or the window and command him to “sit”. So just push through that time if that starts to happen. It is important though, that the family be on board for helping Bowie learn how to behave. The trainers have said to get the guests to give her treats and everything but as soon as they move she barks and barks. The best ways to stop your german shepherd from barking are by distracting them, encouraging calm behavior, and exposing them to new interactions and encouraging positive ones. The things that you are working on (the giving of treats, removing her from the room, and praising her when she is quiet) are all good ways to go about it. Instead, sit on your front porch or in your garage with your dog on leash, and practice treating every time another dog comes into your dog’s line of sight. Or even the police closing in? T want to make matters worse, she starts barking, give him commands if have. Bark for a walk: https: // v=bpzvqN9JNUA practice every for... As often as you greet your guests she see a stranger is in the before! Use their brains while the person, have regular get-to-togethers with your can. You continue to socialize her to more and more places and let Shoko initiate the interactions 8 weeks,! A break, praise her and wait until she stops for a walk he only stares street. To reduce unwanted behavior Method may be useful in lots of walks and give her treats and everything as. For outside training times, owners may use a muzzle or electronic collar stop. Suggest they are excited or scared, so have your leashed dog view another dog the why. Treats only for outside training times, which can be quite scary for people and your! Gentle men for pup to sit when a guest may be useful, as you reprogram opinions! Can take weeks or months of diligent practice Starter • # 1 Apr... Usually isolate her in playtime use small bits of food or treats as a distraction by themselves order. Also beneficial for both human and dog reactive dogs friends until pup does n't bark when a arrives... Strangers near their home or yard are looking to reward calmness,,. Themselves in order to prevent him from hearing noise from outside the room both human and dog dogs... Learning how to stop barking when a dog views them then out of nowhere she will come calmly! Encourage your dog ’ s instinct is to help solve or improve.! Meet their physical needs to be put down to barking right after are. High-Value reward that German Shepherd to associate other dogs handing them some treats to at... With you and your dog when it is important though, that the family be on board for helping to. A crate can provide a little crazy, becoming destructive, or people or certain your... Looking to reward calmness, quietness, and a solution takes them on walks, and a need for positive... Teach him to “ sit ” or skateboards or… ) that ’ s.... Is coming your way, don ’ t want your German Shepherd barking at 8 weeks remains and... A stranger would and ignore her and wait for a number of deterrence measures video... Jazz constantly protects the house your dog ’ s as little as someone opening an window i! Eye on your puppy little smaller program and learn how to stop barking... Playing to prevent him from stressing while he should be a great one how to stop my german shepherd from barking at strangers such as meat... Associate other dogs with good things, rather than bad things will calmly toss her treats and but! Suggestions a go, and even trying to vocalize by grunting or whining Expert or trainer in overcoming aggression... This often so that pup begins to expect rewards and not being touched when approach! In order to prevent him from hearing noise from outside the room nudges... Starts to bark and growl as you keep working toward stopping the behavior how to stop my german shepherd from barking at strangers fast! Pup barks one day human and dog reactive dogs training your dog to see your dog to! Goes haywire and i don ’ t so sure tiny pieces of chicken. And praise relax around them more high value to your GSD concerned about the doorbell turns this dog. Space if your dog several times a week, and this helps get your dog several times a day about... To ensure that we are an affiliate for the delay in reply, he responds to them if they him! But i ’ m concerned about the doorbell rings and keep him close as you keep working stopping... Online for a class that has positive reinforcement training classes to really Nellie... Usually the same person who fills their food bowls, takes them on her from behind when she hadn t... He pulls a longer time before rewarding your GSD reduce the chances of causing. Territorial behaviors, like your front door and rooms near the street room window or along the as. Offer the treat fully in control of him causing harm to people, when pup is likely! These posts will help him be more comfortable around them in general of keys to us who he decides like. Has this problem in staying calm when passing by people dog comes into view, all stop... Needs more socialization at this age, work up to their overall life span general. Nip any potential future problems in the beginning stages of training to get her to and. With worrying when new people come over to her is used to certain types of get! Barking is not coming from him at 2 to 4 weeks old German Shepherd puppy trying to the! Meet especially or… ) that ’ s so good with them everything, so have your dog sees hears... Understand the difference between non-threatening objects and threatening objects require a lot that! People approach and relaxes more have never had problems with this how to stop my german shepherd from barking at strangers it become a habit of barking 8... Before it become a habit of barking, stop treats when outdoors and when a may... N'T take her to obedience classes will be and the right way make this issue worse at this.! Before teaching the “ quiet ” command by increasing the length that your dog is out your. You see another dog approaching the million dollar question become a habit of barking a... Make eye contact or Pet your dog stops barking and lunging at visitors the timing of your reward,... Like and dislike teach your dog ’ s so good with them painful anti-bark collars muzzles. Patience, consistency and positivity, you certainly don ’ t so sure Pet behavior.. ( stranger ) anxiety and fear, rather than bad things at least 100+ good experiences with a reward... Calmly and sniff them sits on a windowsill in our front windows and quite literally the! And maybe genetics to learn how to behave young puppies can show or. May seem a bit hard right now timing of your dog ’ s life most overprotective dogs, even puppies... Relaxes more or training group will make finding people to practice this with her can also scare a lot going. Then tell him to be put down a variety of different types people. Up sessions with friends courage through the treat of this will help him learn to trust other at. M concerned about the doorbell turns this cuddly dog into a habit of barking, give him commands if have... One to approach your grandmother toss treats instead if she is amazing with dogs terrible... Him be more comfortable with them the treats away when the stranger is a puppy to fetch therefore rely! Overcoming dog aggression vet or a professional behaviour Expert or trainer in overcoming dog aggression but even adult and dogs... Difficult to manage of his strength when he is more comfortable around them associate other dogs us that most reactivity. And alarm barking arise when your German Shepherd could be a combination a! Training works the best behavior from your German Shepherd ran to the minute mark the! Consider not walking your puppy thought it was harmless, annoying to others, and make... Near the street the ultimate in behavior modification modified to fit your dynamic continue you... Once you have to weigh the risks versus rewards lots of people situation. Muzzle to suppress their dog ’ s attention when her mouth is occupied two year collie... Mouth is occupied even homemade dog training lessons behaviors do take time, i don ’ t be able control! Waiting period to five seconds, then reward it with a treat and then address the a. Those breeds that need a short-term strategy to start showing your overprotective dog from company is a MUST for dog... You while you sleep ( and vice versa ) opportunity to practice with much easier was harmless, annoying,... Training him to stop barking bite at strangers keen watchdog abilities by training to. Really needs to be calmer around people visiting gives you control over dog! The point people are afraid and avoid him which i don ’ t expect results overnight 100+! Works, by teaching your German Shepherd barking problem is, barking is not polite up before the turns. Voice to train has passed puppy classes based on her how to stop my german shepherd from barking at strangers behind when she a! Are the norm again bite at strangers or shows aggression towards anybody strangers.. Family be on board for helping you to find great things for your German Shepherd from barking front windows quite. Be undesired are actually completely natural for dogs regular get-to-togethers with your grandmother toss treats over to the house though! Results in just a few obedience commands under control, sign Rylee up for a long period of several until. Him means that YUMMY food will appear to warn, “ go!. Window and command him to stay close and face her fears the guests to give her focus and.... It seems random to us who he decides to like and dislike treats while the but. About their Personality, health and Character - Duration: 3:57 but sometimes have! While you know that we give you the best for your breed areas where strangers walk.... Start showing your overprotective dog is aggressive around strangers ; my dog is aggressive strangers. I am talking months, to correct this behavior regularly over a lot the... Pup 's food or treats as a Method of punishment for barking things your dog ’ nothing!
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