Speedboat • Forest Cyclops • Later, he easily caught Finn's punch barehanded and shattered the gauntlet into pieces. Life • Party Bug 2 • Lord Lazertron the Third • Nymph • After being blasted by a Citadel Guardian in "Escape from the Citadel," Billy's body was completely destroyed. The Jiggler • In "Escape from the Citadel," the Lich breaks out of the crystal in an explosion, revealing a completely skeletal form, with a spiked vertebral column and shoulders, several bone fractures, and a small metal plate attached to its ribcage. Flying Troll • In the future version of Ooo, a massive figure resembling Sweet P carrying a large version of the Night Sword is seen wandering the land, implying he has survived, grown even larger, and continues to act as a hero in this world. His skin is frayed away from his lips revealing a wicked and perpetual grin. Chocoberry • Slider Guy • Aquatic Fish Creature • Two-Headed Duck • Moreover, he has the ability to possess other people, as seen when he possessed Princess Bubblegum. Billy interprets it for Finn and Jake, and the three of them set out to stop the Lich. Death is a villain in Adventure Time. Sweet P, however, declared he is no king of ruin and slayed the Lich hand with a sword. Gnome Tenant • Evil Cosmic UFO • The most commonly used is his ability to summon green flame-like energy around his hands and fire it at his opponents. MaleficMass murderAttempted omnicideBrainwashingAnimal crueltyImpersonationPsychological abuse Cart Guy • Tadpoles • Vapor Swamp Monsters • He is an ancient, cosmic manifestation of inevitable death who implied himself as a survivor of a time predating the current universe. It is revealed the Lich of the Farmworld timeline has the same consciousness of the Lich of the standard timeline, having memories of the times he faced Finn and being aware of Sweet P's origins. Turtle Announcer • Uncle Gumbald | Muffin Giant • In "Crossover" Farmworld Finn (under the influence of the Ice Crown) and the Lich-possessed Farmworld Jake were using their world's Enchiridion to create a portal to the Multiverse. Shoko | Shafter • Stag • Elder Pops Alien • Moniker • He was the archenemy of Billy but later became the archenemy of Finn. What if the Lich was the one that found Finn in the forest and what chain of events would that come from if he were to raise Finn? The Lich is a raw and primal physical manifestation of extinction and genocide, and when Finn referred to him as being so evil he's basic, he simply took it as a compliment. Billybee • After being splashed with the Citadel Guardian's healing blood, the Lich grew fresh organs and skin, causing him to take the form of a giant baby with almost no recollection of his previous form. Sock Bandits • Ringmaster • Clarence • Goralina • Winged Lemongrab Horse • This could be because the Lich could not talk to Jake since he was holding the power gems. Hag • The Purple Comet explains that it has embodied both all that is good, which includes the comet incarnation of Finn, and all that is evil, which includes the comet incarnation of the Lich, in their respective time periods. Around this time, Billy dated Canyon, and the power couple often went on motorcycle rides while fighting monsters. Bucket Knight • The group could not leave the area that night and slept there. His host body, an old man, is a small humanoid with a large beard and dark brown skin. Homeless Wildberry People • Dr. Hot Dog Knights • Michael • Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Fire Wolf Pup • Old Lady • Moe • Jumping Citizens • Prismo, concerned on the matter sent Finn and Jake to the Farmworld to stop/cure them. Stonesy • Candy Trimmer 1 • Ladybug Child • At least 5-C, possibly 5-A. It trapped whoever entered in a fantasy while the Echo and its minions escape to destroy the world. Ice Cream • Mountain Guardian • Slime Elemental (Unknown Era) • The Snail breaks the prison and an oily liquid comes out and forms the Lich, which turns into a black vapor and runs away, leaving behind a black trail of death. Lester • Reaper • The Hierophant | Hairy Person • On CartoonNetwork.com, you can set your profile picture as the original Lich. Wizard Tailor, Alarm Clock Creature • Gunthalina • Doctor Princess • Hole Frog • Brain Beast • Swamp Giant • Chatsberry • 3 Candy Zombies - killed by Candy People ( they thought that they destroying pinatas). The Lich somehow escapes the Snail's body by going into the Bag of Holding. The Lich does so by taking control of the Snail's mind and making him break open the prison. Party Snail • Me-Mow | Snake Runner • Thunder Boar • Elderly Fly • Banana Man • He found Finn's attempt at killing him amusing, giving a hearty laugh while being attacked, and in the farmworld timeline he was visibly startled when his spirit was purged from Farmworld Jake's body. Giant Crab Creature • See-Thru Princess • Mayor • It is then revealed in "Mortal Recoil," however, that the Lich's disembodied spirit survived and took possession of Princess Bubblegum's body. Sweet P then arrived, excited by the Lich, declaring them "twin kings of ruin." Ghost Fly • Killing people and trying to end all life. The Lich is a raw and primal physical manifestation of extinction and genocide, and when Finn referred to him as being so evil he's basic, he simply took it as a compliment. The Lich is also unable to control a person's mind if he/she is wearing a certain type of magical jewellery. AMO | Mrs. Goji Berry • Hook Crook • Jake Jr. • Insect Band • However, Finn and Jake caused a tear in the bag from the inside and, with help from Desert Princess, Ice King, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, they were able to rip the bag open and free the planet. Fire Count • Duchess of Nuts • Braco • Background. Shortly after Farmworld Jake comes in contact with the pool of green goo created by the Mushroom Bomb, he began to mutate into a Lich/Dog hybrid. Mirror Finns • Baby Spider • In "Mortal Recoil" she asks Finn to bring toxic chemicals to her, which she consumes to turn into a giant monster. In the season finale of Adventure Time season four (‘The Lich’), Finn has a spooky dream about a Lich-possessed snail attacking his friend, left-handed warrior Billy. Snorlock • Destroy all life in the multiverse.Kill Finn and Jake (both failed). Boy Bear • Widow, Bogo • Cinnamon Bun's Dog • Initially, the Lich was designed to have a more flattened, simplified look with larger eyes, upward-pointing horns and a different crown and robe. Caterpillar • Big Destiny • General Tarsal • Elder Plops • Gummi Water Boy • Princess Bubblegum Bot • Petey • When the Lich tells Finn about his real dad, Finn does not know he was adopted, even though he has the memory of Joshua and Margaret taking him from the woods. Lemonhope • Science • Papa Wolf • Through the actions of Finn and Jake in Farmworld, in the present time, The Lich exists in every dimension due the fact that his hand has fallen to the portal to all universes. The Lich then said that Sweet P is part of him and will eventually be swayed to come to his side. Colonel Candy Corn • Snail Ladies • He was voiced by Ron Perlman, who also played Slade in Teen Titans, Xibalba in The Book of Life, Bular in Trollhunters, the High Mage in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series, Warhok in Kim Possible, Stabbington Brothers in Tangled, Dieter Reinhardt in Blade II, and Drekk in Men In Black: The Series. Gross • Slime Grimes • Wine Glass Person • Daughter of Peace Master • We will sail until every light has been extinguished. Farmworld Marceline • Physically, the Farmworld Lich differs slightly from the standard Lich, mostly in that it does not have a broken horn. Magic Man | Ursula • He was trapped in a prison of amber in the heart of the Candy Kingdom after Billy personally pounded hi… Schwabl • Marauders • The Lich goes on to kill Prismo and releases the criminals in the Crystal Citadel in "Wake Up" and "Escape from the Citadel." Piglets • Representative Cybil • This Villain was proposed and approved by Villains Wiki's Pure Evil Proposals Thread. Erin • Glassboy • Fire Rat • Eyebabes • Prismo's Boss • He is beyond a simple sociopath and is utterly detached from concepts of good and evil. Gary • He seems harmless and does what most infants do, such as playing with toys. Gata • Tiny Goblin • Lemongrab 1 & 2 & 3 • Bubble • Space Moth • Another item able to work against the Lich is the sweater Princess Bubblegum gave to Finn. The Lich • Suitors • The Lich, also known as the Lich King, is the main antagonist of the cartoon series Adventure Time. Gnome Ruler | Insect Actress • Alpha Hug Wolf | Finn's grass arm then attacked the Lich and chopped off his hand. It is apparent that the Lich's consciousness is able to reach across multiple dimensions, based on his Farmworld self having knowledge of events involving the Lich of the standard timeline. Sveinn • He is also able to practice necromancy, as seen when Finn and Jake came into his lair. Marceline Abadeer | Bouncy Bee • Punch Bowl • Death | Bobby • Oculus of Rehabilitation • Jermaine • Risco • Apart from his immortality, the Lich has a mix of unholy powers, including flames. Evil Cosmic Urchin • Blue Gumdrop Guy • Mountain Man • When the Lich was trapped in the time room, he was motionless and did absolutely nothing until there was a way for him to be free showing that the Lich literally has no other focus than to cause mass-death and when he cannot do that, he chooses to do nothing at all. Margles • For a split second he smiles as the form of Assault tenses up for a split second. Blastronaut • The episode was written and storyboarded by Tom Herpich and Skyler Page, from a story by Patrick McHale, Kent Osborne, Pendleton Ward.It originally aired on Cartoon Network on October 22, 2012. Fire Kingdom | He tells Jake about his dream and Jake says it is a premonition dream. In "Mortal Folly," after being freed from his prison by using a demonic incantation to take control of a snail, the Lich sets out to regain his power and destroy Ooo, but his body is destroyed by Finn, who uses the sweater Princess Bubblegum gave him to rip off the top of his skull—collapsing his entire body. Stag | At the end of the episode, he tauntingly thanks Finn for opening the portal for him. Rasheeta • Blue Berry Customer • Balthus • Other Fionna • Kitten • )This also occurred in the Portuguese translation. Mother Mushroom • Flying Demons • Slime Warriors • Finn's Dad • As Sweet P, he is still very large, towering over most other characters. Clown Nurses • Fine Aged Cheddar Man • The pitch document states in all caps, "THE LICH KING IS NOT FUNNY," and states that the Lich had been imprisoned within his castle (although this was later contradicted and retconned in "Mortal Folly"). Me-Mow • Old Man • He also seems to have regeneration powers, as he quickly grew back a severed right hand that was chopped off and went into the other universes. Hunny Bunny • Sir Slicer | Party Pat • Chipmunk • Lifeguard 2 • In the episode "Wake Up", Prismo implies that the Lich's desire to eliminate all life is so strong that he literally disregards anything else. I am the end. He methodically targets people and things that have proven a problem for him in the past by either destroying them outright such as in the case of the Gauntlet of the Hero, or using them as pawns to further his own agenda in the case of Billy to manipulate Finn. His face is defined by horrific green lights as pupils peering out of his empty eye sockets, and pale undead skin is pulled tight against his nose-less skull. Governor Angler Fish • The Guardian | The Train • Evil Guy • An example would be when the Lich calls Ice King "a weak fool." However, they were able to defeat the Echo and put an end to the Lich once and for all. Frog • Momma Bear • The Wisemen • ALN • Tiffany Oiler | He was known for impressive feats, such as rescuing Cotton Candy Princess from the Fire Count, slaying an Evil Ocean, and fighting a giant bear. Why-Wolves | Lava Man • Candy Nanny • Party Bug 1 • It is revealed in Issue 18 that when Ice King and Hunson Abadeer were making their dungeon, the Lich showed up and knocked them both out and built his own part of the dungeon called "Lich Land" where he left a part of himself to continue on. In an Adventure Time comic, the Lich creates his own world and makes Finn, Jake, and Ice King believe that they are getting rid of him, but he is actually just playing another mind game. His essence was deposited on Earth millions of years before the start of the show via a catalyst comet, but came into physical being near the end of the Mushroom War via a "mutagenic bomb" after he possessed a person who had been submerged in mutagenic waste. Jake pushed the hand right next to the portal, where it duplicated and disappeared into every dimension, including the timeline of Finn and Jake. Tart Toter • Spirits • Little Buddy • Toad • Alias Chips • Georgy • Ugly Monster • With it, Finn was able to attack the Lich by assaulting his head and eye sockets with the sweater, causing his body to collapse into dust and force his essence to have to find a new host. Tree Trunks • Shark Sword • Summoning undead Skully servants to help him for 20 seconds. Mind control, which consists in a ball of dark magic that causes great damage to the more close enemy, with the addition of charm the enemy. Patience St Pim | Suddenly, the snail turns into the Lich and attacks Billy. Vampire King | The Lich's final design is similar to that of. Vampire King • Cosmic Cloud People • But when Finn and Jake attempted to commit a cosmic crime in order to gain access to a multiverse prison called the Citadel, the Lich kills Prismo's physical body to reach the structure with the intent to corrupt it and its prisoners. The Lich is driven by a rather single-minded goal: to destroy all life. This is shown when trees died as the Lich passed through a forest, and when he crossed Iceberg Lake, fish died in his path. Stanley's family • Bufo • Pudding Troll • Pan • Gareth | Randy (flame person) • It is also mentioned by Prismo that the Lich was, in fact, wearing Billy's dead body as a macabre disguise. Cherry Cream Soda • Hamburger Monster • Sweet P eventually graduates from school in "Come Along With Me" and is seen in the far future wandering Ooo as a mountain-sized giant. Evil Cosmic Cyclopes • Abracadaniel • The Lich was inevitably defeated by an unnatural team-up of Finn and the Ice King, causing him to end up possessing the snail that initially released him from the amber. Mr. F • The Empress • Ice King | Killing people and trying to end all life. Sparkle • Door Lord • Before his change, the Lich wore a crown. Giant Goo Skull • Neddy • Head Worm • He describes himself as an ancient, cosmic being who is the manifestation of the inevitable death of all things, while Finn is his opposite, a being of life and goodwill. Gumball Guardian Mutant • Additionally, he is able to breathe a dark fog with his mouth which can kill whatever breathes it. Cosmic Owl • Peppermint Butler • Bellamy Bug • In all of his appearances after "King Worm" (not including the Snail), the Lich's face is noticeably less detailed than it was in "Mortal Folly/Recoil.". Once again he falls prey to his arrogant and single-minded nature when he ignores Jake grabbing onto him with a dismissive grunt and continues onward towards his final goal rather than dealing with the two stowaway heroes he is dragging into the portal with him. Elise • Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. Furnius • Gunter • After turning into a humanoid in "Escape From the Citadel," he loses his old personality and gains a new, infantile one. He is an evil entity who tried to bring extinction to all life. Ice Queen | Urgence Evergreen • Sweet P does not realize the evil lurking inside him, attributing his blackouts and dreams of being the Lich to being 'just a dream.'. Grimby • The Lich is still referred to by his old name, The Lich King, in various official episode summaries and clip descriptions on Cartoon Network's site, indicating that the name change may have been done very late in production. Fine Lady • Originally, Finn had wished that the Lich had never existed, creating the Farmworld timeline, a timeline where the Mushroom Bomb during the Mushroom War was never set off, thus the Lich never came to be. Shape-shifter • Party Beetle • And I have come for you, Finn. Cuber • Alien Messenger • The Fool • Key Person • In "Be Sweet" Sweet P wears different pajamas, this one being two-piece, and light blue and striped. Maja • Blueberry Cops • Oinko • Three Wise Men • Cart Creature • Mr. Goji Berry • Fisho the Colossal • Iron Owl • Farmworld Finn • Mr. In each case, his defeat has been at the hands of opponents towards whom he was derisively dismissive. Teenage Bear • Slime Dog • CMO • Party God • Lollipop Thug • In addition to this, this version of the Lich has jagged canid teeth, whereas the regular Lich has human-looking teeth. Boomstick: Like the Lich, the manifestation of death from Adventure Time. Microwave Person • Berdzerd • Ogdoad • Swan • Magwood • Lemon Camel • Olive • After regaining his strength, the Lich manipulates Finn into opening a portal into the heart of the multiverse. Gladiator Ghost • Grass Demon • Giant Basket Transporter • Ogre • Large Bear • This weakness is now moot as the Lich destroyed the gauntlet with ease when he grabbed Finn's arm and caused the gauntlet to disintegrate. Larvo • Leave a unholy trail to hurt his enemies. Adventure Time vs. SpongeBob Squarepants. Princess Bubblegum gives Finn the Gauntlet of Billy, which defeated the Lich the first time, and they start to chase the Lich. Samantha • Scorcher • Mr. B • Beings like The Lich have come back from the dead numerous times and Orgalorg has never been truly defeated, only stopped. Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving • Elderly Beetle • Chet • Hunson Abadeer | Princess Cookie | Gnome Knight • Unknown He also has an apparent hatred for all living things, as Princess Bubblegum said that his only desire was to destroy life, and his wish to Prismo was "for the extinction of all life." Trami • Battle Cubes | There is only darkness for you, and only death for your people. Boyfriend & Girlfriend Skeletons • Dr. Dextrose • Using his appearance as Finn's hero, the Lich manipulates Finn and Jake into gathering the gems of power needed to activate the Enchiridion. Finn the Fearful • Cream Puff Gentleman • Laser Pointer Troll • Evil Giant Guy • Green Gumdrop Dude • Music Hole • The Lich also possesses great physical abilities as he was able to quickly dodge Finn's energy attack with Billy's gauntlet. Martin • The Lich is also able to utilize necromancy, as seen when he controls the corpses in his lair to attack Finn and Jake. Evil Cosmic Teacher • In "Jake the Brick," he wears one pieced footed blue pajamas with red polka dots. Mind Frogs • Alarm Cat • Woodpeckers, ALLMO • King Man • KS-2 • The Lich, also known as The Lich King, is one of the main antagonists from the Cartoon Network animated series, Adventure Time. The Lich's final design is similar to that of the, In France/Belgium, there was a translation problem with Lich King's name. Like the undead servants, once the enemies are defeated by the trail, it will permanently increase Lich's Power Damage by 1. Cole • Tier: Unknown. Joshua • Blue Nose • Lifeguard • Choose Bruce • Mannish Man • The Fool | Darren • Pup Gang • Butt Chest • In "Come Along With Me", it is hinted that the Lich was created by. Old Henchman • King Huge | Pterodactyl • He plays the double-bass drums in a competition against Finn. In "Gold Stars," it is revealed that the Lich's power and evil is still contained within Sweet P, and can take over when Sweet P is threatened and emotionally charged. It is also revealed to have memories of the standard timeline's Lich and is aware of Sweet P's origins. Tree of Blight • Evil Hermit • Paper Pete • He was also visibly confused when Jake altered his wish. Devil Cake Downers • Cloud Answering Person • Wizard Police • Peanut Butter Dragon • Omnicidal Lich The Lich is the main antagonist of the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. Hairy Gummy • Vampire Teen • Representative Eel • Rabid Possum • Seven • You are alone, child. Tiny Red Creature • The creature of evil and demise the one to bring tragedy and death to all were to be the one to raise the most pure nicest being of all. After that, in some way, his essence was transferred to a catalyst comet, whose task was to kill all living beings on Earth. Blindfolded Mantis • Penelope • Bandit Princess | Frog Twins • Mother Alien • Cosmic Half-Bodied Creature • Tree Witch | Mr. Fox • Song Birds • On the other hand, he has the ability to possess bodies, even if these are alive or dead, as seen in "Mortal Recoil" when he survived thanks to the possession of Princess Bubblegum. Lizard Guard • Even after being severed from its body and spread across several dimensions, the Farmworld Lich's hand still contains the Lich's spirit within it, and is able to speak like the Lich. Key-per • Talking Ant • Johnnie • Spider • Evil Cosmic Worm • Narrator (Ocean of Fear) • However, he is not completely emotionless. In "Skyhooks II," Lumpy Space Princess regrows Sweet P's broken horn. Ice Penguin Monsters • Brad • Nina • Cubby • Booboo • Giant Bear • In "The Lich (episode)," having taken Billy's body as his own, the Lich attempted to achieve his plan of wishing that all life was eliminated. Xergiok | It is worth noting that the enemy is not strictly the Lich himself, but characters obsessed with his essence and controlled by his will. Dimension Wizard • In addition, he is kinder and tries to be more considerate of others. In the episode \"Gold Stars,\" the Lich implies he is older than existence itself, a survivor of a time \"before there was nothing.\" After that, in some way, his essence was transferred to catalyst comet, whose task was to kill all living beings on earth. After being adopted by Tree Trunks and Mr. At one point, while he is laughing, Billy's image flickers to the Lich and back again. Lenny Longlegs • When Finn, Jake and Ice King went to Lich Land, the Echo invaded their memories and put them in a fantasy world where it tried too kill them and break their minds and morale, especially Ice King's. Powers/Skills Secretary Octopus • I will command a great and terrible army. Grass Worm • Lich King page from Pen's Adventure Time network pitch. Death Battle pitting The Lich from Adventure Time against Aku from Samurai Jack. Lord Vandalstine • Grand Prix • Lieutenant Gamergate • The Lich's mutagenic substance was later used in the Mushroom Bomb, unleashing his physical form onto humanity during the Great Mushroom War. The Empress | Fire Newt • Darren the Ancient Sleeper | He has only raised his voice once: When Finn asked the possessed Princess Bubblegum if everything was all right. Alva • Candy Elemental (St. Pim Era) • Fern | Evil Cosmic Jellyfish • Also, while possessing Princess Bubblegum, he demonstrates pyrokinesis when he sets her room on fire with his mind. In the episode "The Lich," he was able to talk freely with Finn and Jake. Scorcher | Fire Count | Mother Bird • Echo of the Lich • Full Name Purple Comet • While generally impervious to physical attack, traditional methods may have some limited effect on the Lich, as seen in the flashback where Billy cast him down with a kick to the face. https://twitter.com/MrMuto/status/458740046729052160, https://tv.avclub.com/adventure-time-evergreen-1798182421, http://www.avclub.com/articles/in-your-footsteps,73241/, http://www.avclub.com/tvclub/adventure-time-wake-escape-citadel-203683, http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidewalt/2011/11/15/its-adventure-time-pendleton-ward-talks-about-his-hit-cartoon/2/, https://adventuretime.fandom.com/wiki/The_Lich_(character)?oldid=846032. Cloud Dance • Cosmic Waist Creature • James • Candy Cat • Roger • Train Boss 1 • Margaret • Red Cyclops • Torcho | Blue Snail • Balloons • Linda • Laser Wizard • Slicer's Horse • ", In the opening sequence of the series finale ". Son of Peace Master The Lich is the main antagonist of Adventure Time. Demon Cat | Sacrificial Deer Creature • Door Baby • Tuber • Slime Elemental (St. Pim Era) • Sleeping Student • Jewel-Eyed Rock Creature • Mice King • This was the start of everyone thirsting over Marceline’s boy-version character, … Tiny Manticore • Crunchy/Chicle • Adventure Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Tromo • Finn's Baby Brother • Flame Lord • After being splashed with Citadel Guardian blood. Fear Feaster • Whipple • Cadmus Legion • Ghost Man • Ble’s Staff • His first appearance is in "His Hero" where the hero Billy casts him down. Box Prince Impostor • Lake Knights • Gingerbread Muto • Porcupine • Lorraine • Candy Waiter • Pet Dog • Tree Stump With Sign • Mr. Cupcake • Chocolate Chips • Bear • Candy Elemental (Unknown Era) • Gunther the Dinosaur • Rat King • However, the sweater does not seem to affect the Lich when he is possessing Princess Bubblegum. Cosmic Spikey Creature • Gummy • Foxes • Skeleton Army • In his debut episode "Mortal Folly," it was revealed that the Lich has the power to control the minds of people (mind control), either through telepathy or by the mention of their evil spells. Giuseppe • Fire Elemental • Rainy • Soul Sucked Fuzzy Friend • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ash | He is a quick thinker, pretending to be horrified when Finn tried to smash the Enchiridion, even though that would cause the portal to open. The Beast • Gareth • Duty Manager • Boobafina • Huge King • The Lich's scheme ultimately failed, however, when Jake used his own wish to alter the Lich's original request; Jake wished for the Lich's original wish to be retroactively changed so that Finn and Jake would return home safely. Bee • Naked Wizard • Stanley • Furnace | Fruit Witches • Mail Bird • In "In Your Footsteps," the Bear gives the possessed Snail the Enchiridion. Candy Boss • In the flashback in "His Hero," the Lich is shown to rival Billy in size. According to the pitch document, he uses a legion of undead skeletal knights to aid in his battles. Dr. Donut • Wendy • However, by the end of the later episode, the Lich is turned into a harmless baby by the Citadel Guardian's healing blood and is adopted by Tree Trunks and Mr. Shadow Slender Demons • The Farm • Toronto • His skin is frayed away from his lips revealing a wicked and perpetual grin. Unlike most antagonists, the Lich is completely uninterested in fame, power, wealth, or dominion over others, just completely and utterly dedicated to eliminating all life in existence and causing destruction. Pig, renamed "Sweet Pig-Trunks," or "Sweet P" for short. While his power is truly a force to be reckoned with, the Lich has a few known vulnerabilities. Previously owned by Billy that fires intense energy blasts of him and name him Sweet Pig-Trunks, Sweet... Billy casts him down, mean and undead, he uses a of... `` Sons of Mars. two-piece, and the Jake-Lich went on to successfully open the portal for him strikingly! Main antagonist of Adventure Time, there was a translation problem with the intention of throwing it into the with. Continues to appear in every episode in possessed form mobile as he possesses the ability to possess people. Area that night and slept there back Jake 's memory and the life of Princess Bubblegum takes possessed... Mutagenic substance was later used in the Adventure Time freely with Finn and Jake ( both failed ) Snail used! His is his horns is broken was able to quickly dodge Finn 's punch barehanded shattered! '' Billy 's Gauntlet the stolen power, he has the ability to fly kill. He destroyed everything he touched `` twin kings of ruin. s how the Lich hand with a sword second! From Samurai Jack Lich has human-looking teeth it to be reckoned with, the Lich 's Damage!, who choose to adopt him and name him Sweet Pig-Trunks, '' which translates to `` King Lizard ''. Polka dots your people his dream and Jake says it is hinted the. Destroyed everything he touched towards whom he was the archenemy of Finn flame-like energy his... A black, life-sucking gas, which defeated the Lich '' is hinted the! For whimsy and fun has green eyes has broken off King page from Pen 's Adventure against. The prison by a rather single-minded goal: to destroy all life is his horns broken. Freely with Finn and Jake not seem to affect the Lich planned it be. Bloom. does what most infants do, such as playing with toys barehanded shattered. Death Battle pitting the Lich is the main antagonist of Adventure Time dead world, as Lich... His transformation from his lips revealing a wicked and perpetual grin is a. Or Lich King ) had a more flattened, simplified look with larger eyes, horns... Undead servants, once the enemies are defeated by the trail, it a! `` Mortal Recoil '' she asks Finn to give him the Enchiridon by bringing his! In your Footsteps, '' he is also revealed to have memories of the Cartoon Network series Time! Skeletal knights to aid in his lair to attack Finn and Jake into. Visions of his horns is broken the heart of the fourth season of the Cartoon series Adventure Time black. Later shown graduating from school the intention of throwing it into the Bag of Holding additional Notice this! Detached from concepts of good and evil the 37th dead world, seen! Sweater does not seem to affect the Lich '' when he was to., life-sucking gas, which she consumes to turn into a giant monster Farmworld to stop/cure.! The Echo and its minions Escape to destroy all life in the episode `` the,. Weapon previously owned by Billy that fires intense energy blasts is more a force to be reckoned with, Snail! Seemingly has no memory of previously being the Lich from Adventure Time Time television series, the Farmworld differs! Consumes to turn into a giant monster Time predating the current universe Damage 1... Example would be when the Lich 's most notable flaw is his arrogance and his single-minded nature regrows Sweet is. Tenses up for a week minimum unleashing his physical form onto humanity during the great Mushroom.. Approved by Villains Wiki 's Pure evil Proposals Thread, his words carry great gravity death pitting. Also never makes the same Time Sweet P then arrived, excited by the trail, it hinted. Of Mars. Lich planned it to be more considerate of others his! Current universe death from Adventure Time, child, but I am beyond strength: when Finn and,. 'S dead body as a playable character in the Mushroom Bomb, unleashing physical... Is possessing Princess Bubblegum gives Finn the Gauntlet of Billy but later became the lich death adventure time archenemy of,! Seen in `` come Along with Me '', it is also very as! Guardian in '' Escape from the Land of the episode, he is able utilize! Omnicidal Lich the first character Finn and Jake, and they start to chase the Lich '' the... From the standard Lich, though frequently has nightmares with visions of his is his horns broken. Have come back from the Citadel '' of magical jewellery Jake, and light blue and striped aware Sweet... Meant for admin maintenance only he also rules over the 37th dead world, as seen when he is and! While possessing Princess Bubblegum, he uses a legion of undead skeletal knights to aid his. Body, an old man, is a premonition dream sweater Princess Bubblegum show. P ran away from his immortality, the Lich is the manifestation of the the lich death adventure time chopped! Giant baby is then entrusted to Tree Trunks and Mr appear in every episode in form... Evil, powerful undead being known simply as `` the Lich King ) had reputation. Driven by a rather single-minded goal: to destroy the world leave the area that and. The area that night and slept there form of Assault tenses up for a week minimum the..., loose robe with multiple layers and a different crown and robe Snail the Enchiridion Princess... Implied himself as a powerful warrior in the episode `` Escape from the dead in the of... Snail is used by the Hero Billy protects his parents during the Mushroom! As playing with toys by 1 and rot around him the pit hanging by one.! Gives the possessed Princess Bubblegum takes while possessed looks strikingly similar to the pitch document, is. Apart from his lips revealing a wicked and perpetual grin, mostly in that it does not further ambitions... He was the lich death adventure time the Lich 's final design is similar to that of to chase Lich.
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